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1990 Schwinn Mirada



I acquired a 1990 Schwinn Mirada and I am restoring/replacing components.
The frame seems solid and most of the hardware is good. The bike had been “shedded on” for around 4 years and the tires were in bad shape. There was also some rust on the chain and gears.

The chain, cables, seat, tires, tubes, and wheels will be replaced. Initially the wheels were OK, but after truing the rear wheel I noticed cracks around the spokes. I figured a matched set of quick release wheels would round out the project.

The bike rides better than anything I have ever ridden. This is not saying a lot since I have only ridden inexpensive bikes and grew up riding single geared bikes with coaster brakes.

The Mirada will be for trips with local riders and rail to trails rides. It is a lot easier to pedal than the Mt. Fury I use for working out. With it I will be able to easily keep pace with other riders and enjoy the ride more

2006 Roadmaster Mt. Fury


The Mt. Fury is my exercise bike. It stays in one gear position and I ride up and down the hills in my neighborhood. I can usually cover 14 miles in about an hour of riding.

The bike is a Walmart cheapy, but it serves as a good workout. Since I ride primarily for the exercise this basic tank works fine. I have had to replace pedals, brake pads, and seat.

Since I stand on the pedals most of the ride I probably do not need a seat.



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