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WIA Tuition Assistance Program

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

WIA is a federally funded employment and training program. The focus of the Act is on
assisting customers to develop workforce opportunities, access training, and manage
their career choices through universal access to information and career-oriented services.
The WIA is also a means of identifying training needs and assisting with securing training
to fill skill gaps, which may be a barrier to career success.

Financial Assistance:

WIA funded training grants are available each year for individuals to acquire skills that
are currently in demand and provide a high wage. Funds are used to cover the cost of
tuition and books. Amount of financial aid for tuition and books varies depending on the
length of training program up to a maximum of $9000 for an approved two year course
of study.

To Qualify:

Must be in need of training services to re-enter labor force. One must also have skills that
are no longer in demand; have low wage job skills; or little or no work history.

Must be able to enter labor force quickly through short-term training (104 weeks or less).

Must register for work with the Alabama JobLink Service and actively pursue work with
assistance from the Career Center.

Must meet WIA eligibility criteria for Youth, Adult and /or Dislocated Worker Services.
Eligibility does not constitute an automatic awarding of a grant. It only establishes that
you are eligible for consideration.

Eligibility Process

Applicant must complete Customer Information Form

Interview with Career Center Specialist to determine qualification for the program.
Applicant will be required to provide proof of:

Dislocated Workers should provide a Lay Off Notice

Applicants under 19 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Must complete an Initial Assessment of:

Based on assessments, documentation and in-depth interview the Career Center
Specialist will develop an Individual Service Strategy determining if participants are in
need of Training Services and possess the skills and qualifications necessary to
successfully complete Training Services. Additional assessments and remedial training
may be required.

WIA Eligible Service Provider List:

View participating training institutions and eligible programs.

Customer Information Form

To apply for WIA Assistance

Print the Customer Infomation form, complete it and return to the Career Center nearest you.